Staying Busy in the Gold Coast

Boy, do I have a lot going on the rest of my time here in Australia! I’ve been booking trips left and right with the goal of seeing and doing everything I possibly can while I’m here. The semester is about half way over and I don’t want this experience of a lifetime to ever come to an end. Since my last post I have booked/plan on booking trips to:

  • Sydney
  • Fiji
  • Tasmania
  • The Outback
  • New Zealand
  • The Whitsundays Islands

I am beyond lucky to have family that will support my journey making sure I can see and do everything I want while I’m here. This past month has exceeded all of my expectations exploring Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast area and I still have so much more to see! Here is what I have been up to this past week:


Coolangatta is the southernmost suburb of Gold Coast, Australia. A walking trail wraps around Greenmount Hill connecting Greenmount Beach to Rainbow Bay from which you can head up the hill to the exotically named Point Danger and plant one foot in Queensland and another in New South Wales. This lookout is also a great place for whale watching. I didn’t know about this lookout until after I went, but now knowing that it is there…I MUST GO BACK! I wandered along Rainbow Bay beach and made my way to Snapper Rocks. It is a small rocky outcrop on the northern side of Point Danger and is a famous surf break with a man-made pool for observing the surfers. My inner explorer came out as I climbed all the rocks and got soaked as the waves crashed in. This area is one of the prettiest things I’ve seen and since it is only an hour away, I will definitely be going back.

Alex’s 21st Bday

This past weekend, Alex turned 21 (twice)! We turned her birthday into a weekend-long celebration. Her boyfriend has been here to celebrate with us and took her to the zoo Friday so we could decorate the apartment and surprise her. Even though her birthday was on Sunday, we made sure to celebrate her special day all weekend long.

SkyPoint Climb

The TEAN program organized the Q1 SkyPoint Climb for all of us! SkyPoint Climb is Australia’s highest external building climb (270 meters) and provides unreal 360 degree views of the Gold Coast and beyond. This was something I don’t think I would’ve booked on my own, but definitely something I am excited to cross off my bucket list. The weather was great for it and the views were even better. Never in a million years did I think I would climb a skyscraper, but I must admit it was such a cool experience!

Surfers Paradise

After the climb, I decided to be as touristy as possible. I walked around Surfers Paradise, a beachside town with tons of cafes, shops, and hotels. I lucked out because the Sand Safari Arts Festival was going on and I was able to see so many unbelievable ‘sandcastles’. Some of Australia’s and the world’s most talented sculptors carved life-sized masterpieces that were displayed along the beach. I also tried a local restaurant called Greek Street Grill, which had a line a mile long so I knew it must be good. I ordered a yummy chicken souvlaki pita wrap with chips.

My time here has been flying by and I have definitely been keeping myself busy! I can’t wait to continue traveling around the country and exploring Fiji and New Zealand!

Stay tuned for my upcoming adventures!!!


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