The Little Things

I am very behind on posts since I have been a jet-setter these past few weeks so bare with me as I try to catch up!

So here I am as my last month of living on the Gold Coast approaches 😦

I have been enjoying every second living in Broadbeach and it’s weekends that I am ‘stuck’ here that I realize how great this place is and I feel so lucky to have such great friends here, too. I’ve been staying busy since Fiji with my last week of classes, my roommate Jenna’s birthday, and the TEAN farewell dinner.

Midori Pina Punch from Lakeside Bar on campus

Last Week of Classes

Since the Commonwealth Games are taking place on the Gold Coast this year, Bond Uni has given us the two weeks before finals off to have a spring break and enjoy the games which take place April 4-15. This means that I’ve already finished attending my classes and all that I have left are two finals.  It was a bittersweet feeling being done with classes. Bond’s campus is so beautiful that it wasn’t very difficult for me to enjoy making the trek there. I really liked all of my professors and I was lucky enough to make a few new friends in each of my classes that I hope to stay in touch with. Ashley and I shared a celebratory cocktail from the campus bar in honor of (almost) completing a semester abroad!

Jenna’s 20th Birthday 

My awesome roommate, Jenna, celebrated her 20th birthday this past weekend and of course we had to make it one to remember! We started the celebrations on Friday morning with brunch at The Little Mermaid. We all ordered some super yummy food and took pictures in the so cutely decorated restaurant. We then spent the rest of the day by the pool relaxing before heading down to a beer garden located under our hotel called Bavarian Bier Cafe to participate in happy hour and get ready for our night out. We spent the night in Surfers Paradise celebrating Jenna making it out of her teenage years!

Springbrook National Park 

To continue Jenna’s birthday celebrations, she decided she wanted to spend her actual birthday hiking so we ventured to Springbrook National Park. Jenna, Bailey, Quinn and I packed sacked lunches, hopped in Quinn’s newly purchased Aussie car and drove an hour southwest of Broadbeach to take in the mountains. It was a windows down, music blasting type of car ride that was much needed. Once we got to Springbrook we began on the trail to see Purling Brook Falls, a horsetail waterfall on the Purling Brook which is a part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites. It was so beautiful and the hike was very enjoyable! Jenna, Bailey and I tried getting close to the waterfall but because it was so windy, we felt like the weathermen in a hurricane trying to still see what was in front of us. After the falls, we drove up to the ‘Best of All’ Lookout and I would say it lived up to the name. We saw all of the Gold Coast ranging from the Queensland/NSW border to Mt. Nardi. It was such a great day and we ended it at Miami Marketta with yummy food and delicious drinks.

TEAN Farewell Dinner

Even though there is still a month left until we all leave the Gold Coast and head back to the U.S., TEAN planned our farewell dinner to take place due to everyones’ spring break travel plans. Our dinner took place at Misono Japanese Steakhouse, a hibachi grill located in Surfers Paradise. The food and entertainment was great and it was a lot of fun seeing everyone all dressed up. It’s so sad to think about how close we are to leaving, but I am so grateful I was able to have this unbelievable experience in Australia because of the guidance I received through TEAN.

Elephant Rock and Coolangatta

Since I enjoyed Coolangatta and Snapper Rocks so much the time I went a month ago, I knew I had to make a second trip. This time, though, I decided to do it on my own. I got on the bus by my apartment and halfway into the ride, a lady next to me asked if I’d ever been to Elephant Rock. Since I had not, she gave me directions and even recommended a spot to get a yummy snack. It was nice seeing a new beach and I really enjoyed the hour-long stroll I took just taking in my beautiful surroundings (and of course my snack was yummy). I made my way to Coolangatta and swam where the waves crashed into the rocks. This is definitely one of my favorite beaches because no matter what you’re in the mood for you can swim, surf, climb some rocks, tan, or follow a walking path. Once I was tired enough, I took my book out watched some surfers and caught some rays. This little day of independence helped get me in the mindset for my big trip to the Outback!



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