Turning Twenty-Fun! Woooo!

Two days after we got back from New Zealand was my Australian birthday! The benefit of celebrating your birthday on this side of the world is that, essentially, you get to celebrate it twice! Although I wish I could have been home with family to celebrate this monumental moment, I was lucky to have some friends to spend it with. They decorated our apartment, gave me a gift basket, and made sure we went out to celebrate. Jenna made me such a yummy white chocolate Tim Tam birthday cake. This was probably the best part of my birthday…you go Jenna!

My birthday was filled with picture-taking, drinking games, and champagne popping! It hasn’t really hit me that I am of legal age, but I know it will once I am back in the U.S. and can have a drink at dinner with my parents. My mom surprised me with news that her, my dad and I will be doing a bar crawl downtown Chicago once I get back and I am beyond excited! After pregaming in our apartment, we made our way to Love Nightclub to celebrate my birthday at midnight. My friends bought me a shot and it was official…I am 21!!!

My semester abroad has almost come to an end. All I have left is one final and three suitcases to pack. My time here has flown by and I feel so lucky to have experienced such amazing moments and cities since being here. My last few days here will be bittersweet as I am ready to meet up with family, but sad to leave. Only 17 short days until I will be back in the U.S. with my family and boyfriend. I am missing you guys more than ever, but I know that moment we are reunited in the airport will be so special.

Grandma and grandpa, get ready to meet up with your new travel buddy!!!!


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